Could Your WIFI make you sick

Your WiFi Could Be Harming Your Health

wifi routerDo you know working all day long over the Internet is not really ever considered the wellbeing implications? I have always considered the caution with all other electronics items; for example, careful with my Smartphone and don’t have a microwave in the home. And yet, I haven’t ever thought about my WiFi that can make me sick.

Laptop-WIFI RadiationWiFi Impacts on Health 

WiFi was first introduced in 1997.This technology that utilizes the radio waves to provide network connectivity to the connected devices. After introducing this technology there been numerous studies have been conducted. After several studies, it has been found that this amazing innovation can be harming for our health — brain health, especially small children. Here are some facts:

Wi-Fi Causes insomnia

Have you ever felt supercharged after using Wi-Fi? A survey conducted in 2007 which found that low-frequency modulation from cell phones can impact to your sleep. People exposed to the electromagnetic radiation always have a difficult time of falling asleep instantly. Those who always near Wi-Fi, there are some changes in brainwave patterns have been noticed.

stress wifi cell phone ratsResearchers have found people have chronic sleep problem who sleeps near their phone having switched on their Wi-Fi in an apartment building /Home with lots of Wi-Fi signals. This arises due to the continuous bombardment of WiFi signals.

Wi-Fi impacts cellular growth

Yu can take this example for considering the impacts on cellular growth.  In one survey in which 2 plants taken and kept under observation. One plant kept in wi-FI room and another without touched Wi-Fi. Now, they compared the growth ratio of plants in a room having Wi-Fi (compared to the same radiation as cell phones) against a room without Wi-Fi. They learned that plants grown in the room getting touched the Wi-Fi radiation didn’t grow well while the other plants grow well. This validated the hazardous influence of WiFi on cellular growth.

It may reduce brain activity

wifi harmful -emfsWiFi pollution may impact brain activity.

High speed always loved by people, but there’s always been a health effect. Many companies never accepted this. But, researchers investigating the bad impact of 4-G radiation on brain function. Using latest MRI technology, they found that brain activity have been reduced who are more exposed to 4-G radiation

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It may neutralise sperm

It is well-known fact that heat generated by laptop kills sperms. Now, its proved after clinical trials that if you have more exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies then there is  100 % chance that mortality of sperm reduces. This also may cause DNA fragmentation. You really pay attention if you are trying to get pregnant.

It may negatively impact your heart

When surrounded by Wi-FI frequencies, there is an increase in heart rate similar to that experienced like when an individual is under extreme stress.

It may interfere with fertility

A study revealed that frequencies released by WiFi could prevent egg implantation. To study the impact of WI-Fi on fertility, have scientist has wifi facspicked up mice and mice were exposed to two hours a day for continuous 45 days. They found that there is increased oxidative stress and initiated cellular damage

It undesirably impacted our DNA. There is a possibility of atypical pregnancy or there is a chance of failure of an egg to implant in the embryo.

Warning have been realised in 2011 by Karolinska Institute which is located in Sweden

  • “Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid using wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users.”
  • “Current U.S. [and Canada] standards for radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless technology are entirely inadequate.”
  • “Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus.”

It may negatively impact childhood development

Wi-Fi emits non-thermal radio frequency radiation. Cellular phones and wi-fi may interface with the development of a fetus.

So, it seems that WiFi exposure can be dreadfully hazardous for children, particularly during the growing stages.

What you can do

Always turn OFF your WI-FI when your work finished. This is the only way to reduce the WI-FI exposure.

re .while working in any tech companies, it is impossible to exposure.

To protect your health, follow some steps:

  • Always try to keep away laptops, cellphones and tablets and other electronic items away from your body.
  • Shut your Wi-FI OFF when you are not using them. Also, Shut OFF your router when you have done with that.

urban-cellular-signal-proximity-darkFrom Where To Buy EMF Shield

  • TO protect and block harmful waves of WI-FI from yourself and your family, purchase an EMF shield for your computer
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