WhatsApp Two New Feature Rolling Soon

These are the new couple features Which all Whatsapp users have been waiting for

WhatsApp is going to enrol 2 new big features. I’m already excited to see these WhatsApp two New Features.
In this post, you will read which those big features actually are. Because these features are very cool features  And it may save you by entering in big problems 😎  Sometimes. 

WhatsApp two New features

WhatsApp is now testing those new features and may be after some time, this will be available to all users. You can also enrol in that beta testing feature. In last of this article, you will find the download link of beta tester of WhatsApp.

whatsapp beta tester

Whatsapp two new features are:

  1. WhatsApp message Recall Feature
  2. WhatsApp’s Text Formatting Feature

We will read one by one 🙂 

1)   WhatsApp message Recall Feature

Whatsapp messaging app has long been believed that they are working on an “unsend” option for messages. Which means users can delete messages which they sent by mistakenly

The company is now testing this new feature and it will be coming soon in the beta release of WhatsApp Web, (reports @WABetaInfo).WhatsApp will allow desktop users to revoke their sent messages for five minutes.

Users have only five minutes to revoke sent messages. Once those five minutes are gone, the message which sent by users is there to stay.

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2)   WhatsApp’s Text Formatting Feature

WhatsApp already provided features of formatting texts in Android Smartphones. But, it is complicated.

Problem is, Android users have to remember a range of commands to format their messages in their way. 

To make text bold In WhatsApp

  • Place words between two asterisks, like *this*.
    Example – *WhatsApp*, *laptop*
  • To italicise it, Android users need to butty it between two underscores, like _this_
    Example: _WhatsApp_, _features_
  • To strikethrough a message, they need to use tildes, like ~this~.
    ~WhatsApp~, ~Cool new features~

Instead of making their users to learn and type those complicated commands. The new version of the app may display the full range of formatting options. In that new update, users have too long make a selection by tap and hold on a word which they want to format.

Enrol yourself for beta tester? Click Here

How to enrol yourself in Whatsapp Beta tester 

  1. Click Here to go to beta tester Mode. This may work on desktop/laptop.
  2. Click on: “Become Tester “. See below picture.
    WhatsApp two New Features
  3. Click on Button.
  4. now! you will become Whatsapp Beta tester.


Feedback are taken from the users who have enrolled and if the tests prove positive. Then this will help WhatsApp to roll the both features out to all users in upcoming updates.

WhatsApp may soon start sharing their users’ data with parent company Facebook again, This agreement expected to come in this summer


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