Jumu’atul-Wida Meaning    

Jumu’atul comes from the Arabic word. Jumu’ah means “gathering” and Widaa’ means “farewell”. People came together for Peace.

Jumu’ah Historical Significance

Jumu’ah (Friday) is the day on which all Muslim men are gathered (women may attend, but are not required) to attend congregation in lieu of the mid-day prayer.

People offering Namaz

People offering Namaz on the occasion of Id-ul-Fitr, at Jama Masjid,

Women may join, but are not obligated. Lakhs of Muslim followers attends the Juma prayers at different mosques (Nearest One), pursuing heavenly blessings for peace. In this Occasion, Special arrangements have to be made in this festival. Many devotees came from different parts of city .

The authorities at many places have to put up shamiana just outside the mosques for additional space. Sometimes, devotees came from different city to reimburse Allah.


The last ashra of Ramadan ul Mubarak begins from the 21st roza fasting. The jumma tul Mubarak in the last also called ashra which means juma tul wida.

Jamatul dawa Mubarak best quotesJumu’ah Best SMS Quotes


,*”* Jumma *”*,
*, Mubarak ,*
*,, Sab Ko,,*
Allah Aap Par
Ap K Ghar Wal0n
Pr Apni Rehmaten
0r Barkatain Naazil Farmae
Happy 2nd Friday 0f Ramzan.


The Most Sacred Day
With Countless Blessings
And Mercies of Allah.
May This Juma
Lighten Your Life With
Teachings Of Islam and
Protect You From Calamity
Have a Blessed Friday ..
Juma tul Wida Mubarak

Juma Tul Wida Mubarak!

May This Last Friday of Ramadan Bring You Entirely Peace And Prosperity.

And May All of your prayers and virtues accepted by ALLAH ..

ALLAH Bless all of us



Bheegay Mosam ki Khushbu hai in Hawaon me ho

Bheegay Mosam ki Khushbu hai in Hawaon me ho

Aapki Yadon ka Ehsas hai in Fizaon me hai

Sada rahe Ap k Chehre pe Muskurahat

Khuda kare Itna to Asar Hamari Duaon me jarur ho


Jummahh Mubarak!


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