Google launches “autocorrect for drawing” A.I. experiment


Fast Drawing For Everyone from Google AutoDraw

Google has just launched a fresh new tool that uses its own artificial intelligence and machine learning to help everyone drawings come to their life in a much easier and faster way.If your really enjoy drawings, but can’t do properly, then AutoDraw Tool is the perfect tool for you!

Google is experimenting with a new drawing tool. This tool will make ease for drawing who are not so good.Autodraw tool AI This Fast drawing (AutoDraw) tool is built by Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips with friends at Google Creative Lab.

AutoDraw A.I. Experiments

According to ProductHunt, AutoDraw from Google acts as an “autocorrect for your doodles. If you are trying to draw a bike or a dog, Google will help you by suggesting to swap it with an artist’s interpretation. Similar to how iPhone/Smartphone autocorrect works

  • This tool will help everyone to create anything, visual and fast.
  • You have nothing to download for making sketches like some third party softwares.
  • You have not to pay for making images.
  • This A.I will work everywhere: Smartphone , tablet , desktop etc.

Check the Video 

How AutoDraw works:

  1. Autodraw uses same technology which is used in Quickdraw.
  2. In quickdraw tool, it guesses what you are going to draw.
  3. Moveover feature it has, It can guess hundreds of drawings and we can look forward adding more over time.

Google autodrawAutoDraw Existence

It is slow and difficult to draw any drawing over phone/tablet and computer. So tool is created named as AutoDraw. This is fully new concept which pairs machine learning with drawings by very brilliant artists to help you draw.

This Autodraw will work free for all. So, my suggestion to use this AutoDraw tool when you want to make any Birthday card, Party invite or just doodle over your phone. This AutoDraw tool is so easy and is very fast as everything else on the web.


experiment this Autodraw tool, Click Here

Autodraw tool


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