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Survey websites are the best source of income nowadays. By doing Survey you not only kill your time but to earn a significant amount of money in your free time. Everyone wants to earn a little extra cash/Gift Vouchers on the side, then don’t wait to sign-up for the online-based survey sites. Always you will be paid to share your worthy opinions on different topics like TV shows, news, and other random topics. Always a great way to make some extra income for those who always have some spare time or who lives at their home.
Uncounted numbers of online surveys are conducted each and every hour all over the world for the research purpose. Each and every person must have purely different opinion about almost every services & product. Everyone like to Earn money Online and always wanted to earn money from Home. For that, you have a good/poor internet connection and a SmartPhone. You must have the connectivity of internet connection, that’s it.


Why Research Done?

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Research companies always collect the data for the different purpose. They collect data and sell to the respective owners of the company to decide them what should be produced. Mostly big companies collect data from survey companies which helps them to design and think about their products.  

That information which gathered by survey companies will be analysed and used for the research and development purpose of their upcoming products.

Research are conducted in several categories

  1. Giving the opinion on products
  2. Political views
  3. Device usage
  4. Electronics
  5. Companies
  6. Work
  7. Information Technology
  8. Bikes
  9. Cars
  10. Leisure
  11. Business
  12. Smartphones
  13. Laptops and Computers OS, & peripherals
  14. Grooming Tools
  15. Drinks which you Consume
  16. Places you Travel
  17. Checking with the products
  18. The food you like etc.  

For taking participation is also not so easy because every time when you qualifies a survey, the research companies will reward the participant/applicant with cash (can be redeemed as PayPal) and gift vouchers(can be applied at online stores). Answer only those surveys which suit you.

Advantages of Doing online survey:survey full procedure readyboom

  • Always you will able to gain and save more bucks by doing small tasks in few minutes.
  • The online survey is the best thing on the internet ever.
  • Online money making programs give you more chances to earn several dollars/Gift vouchers just for sharing your thoughts for few minutes without having any investment or paying registration fees.
  • In Online Survey you don’t need any special skill.Only you have to give their answers by choosing the best opinion using your cursor of your mouse.
  • Beside your full-time work, you can work online while travelling and earning extra cash.

survey panels

Something you should know about survey panels:

  • Note – 1: Survey Panels are also mobile-phone compatible.So they Ask during filling of profile page “Which device you own”.

So, if you wish also to earn money through your smart-phones (Ex. Android, iPhone, Windows phone), then always tick option “YES”.

TIPS: I always put click “YES” because it gives more chances to do more survey in a week.

  • Note – 2: Some Survey Panel have their own app. So just after signing up, you can able to scan the QR code on your account dashboard which is in “Profile section” to download their particular app.
  • Note – 2: Each survey panels have their limitation to give surveys to a particular person. Each survey has different category to target “i.e. – age, gender, profession, etc. ”


  • Note – 3: In Order to get more surveys, you must have to join multiple research panels to get more opportunity to participate in related research. Do survey only those in which you are most interested.

Mostly survey websites pay Some Referral commission instantly for referring people. Refer you friends to earn incentives. Refereeing people boosts your earning which reflects to your total earning.

Full List Of Online Surveys

But Only a few offers attractive prizes: Check Here

  2. American Consumer Opinion Panel
  3. AppOptics
  4. Cashcrate
  5. Clickbank
  6. Global Test Market
  7. Gokano
  8. Harris Poll
  9. Hiving
  10. IMRB I am Valued Panel
  11. Inbox Dollars
  12. Indiaspeaks Panel
  13. iPanelOnline India
  14. iPoll
  15. Ipsos
  16. MindMover
  17. MintVine
  18. MobileXpression
  19. MySurvey
  20. New Vista Live
  21. OnePoll
  22. Opinion Bureau
  23. Opinion Outpost
  24. Opinionworld India
  25. Paid Viewpoint
  26. Panel Station
  27. PanelBase
  28. Pinecone Raesearch
  29. PopulusLive
  30. SaySo
  31. Screenwise meter
  32. Socratic Forum
  33. Spidermetrix
  34. Streetbees
  35. Survey Bods
  36. Survey Savvy
  37. Swagbucks
  38. The OpinionPanel Community
  39. The panel Station
  40. Toluna
  41. Univox Community India
  42. Valued Opinions
  43. Valued Opinions India
  44. Viewfruit India Panel
  45. Vivatic
  46. Xcel-Online Surveys
  47. YouGov
  48. Vindale Research 

Check full list of Survey sites which pays in real cash

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